Day 4: Identify Your Audience

I suppose that my ideal audience member is in part someone who is looking for a specific adventure in this area – but perhaps more than that, it is someone who is in a similar state of mind and in need of some inspiration for how to make a non-adventure into something fun no matter where they live. So to you, the listless and eager to try something new, I write:

This past weekend, I spent my Saturday morning at the Burlington Farmer’s Market.

B and I walked downtown around 9 AM – it’s a 15 minute walk, and they had work at 10 just around the corner. Along the way we chatted about possible breakfast options, and settled on the idea of getting a small baguette, some jam, and cheese to sharet.

Of course, we had a change in plans; upon arrival, we remember the existence of The Doughnut Dilemma and decided to split a cinnamon sugar cake doughnut. The best! We sampled some cheese from Shelburne Farms, nut butter from The Nutty Vermonter, and jam from Green Jam Man – and frankly, by the time we were done, we were both feeling pretty satisfied.

Inevitably, 9:45 rolled around and B was off to work. I had plans to meet another friend at the market around 10:30, so I found myself a tree to sit under and pulled out my copy of Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly and a stack of blank thank you notes. Alternating between reading a few pages of her infinite wisdom and writing up a new thank you note to a mentor or friend from school (#postgradlife) while all kinds of folks (and their babies and puppies) strolled through the bustling farmer’s market around me, I found myself feeling very present. Unlike when I kick back with Netflix in bed the way that I often do on Saturday mornings – and then inevitably proceed beat myself up for not jumping out of bed to do the laundry, clean my apartment, cook breakfast, or get to any of the other 8 or 10 tasks I can think of in the moment – I found myself just feeling content to be doing exactly what I was doing.

In time, my friend Shae arrived and we spent the next hour talking, sampling cheese, hummus, and jam, snacking on an everything pretzel from Green Mountain Twisters, and sipping “Theo’s famous” maple lemonades (courtesy of dragonfly sugarworks). From there, we wandered over to the Church Street Marketplace to visit a friend at work for a bit – and with that, I was headed back home by 1pm.

With under $6 spent, lots of good eats, countless dog sightings, and some genuine (and much needed!) quality time with a handful of the very important people in my life, it is safe to say that it was a Saturday morning done right.


Day 1: Who Am I, and Why Am I Here?

I received an email from the folks at Blogging 101 this morning and decided I ought to actually follow through. So, here goes.

My name is Emily and I am a recent grad from the University of Vermont. A transplant here in Burlington from the little old state of Rhode Island, I have decided to stay at least for the next year to see what else this wonderful state has to offer. But, because I’m no longer a student, I’m finding myself at a bit of a loss. What is this thing called free time, and what exactly am I supposed to do with it?

As a task/project oriented person, I’ve decided that perhaps creating a blog would be a way for me to make some meaning out of all of this. If all goes well, it will help me:

  1. Find excuses to get out and explore new places;
  2. Continue to practice my writing skills, especially since I won’t be doing much of it until grad school;
  3. Hold myself accountable to something; and,
  4. Have a record of this next year of my life – and perhaps future ones, too.

This blog might turn into many things, but for now it will serve as a chronicle of my weekend (and sometimes weekday) adventures in Vermont. There may be a social justice post or two as well, but we’ll just have to wait and see.